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Unsolicited Testimonials
From Some Of  Our Wonderful Customers

        Mary & Bill,

        thank you, thank you, thank you.....your
        beds are awesome!!    You folks do a terrific job on your antique beds,
        restoring them to their original wonder..it's easy to tell that you love
        what you do...from the paint job to the packing, very impressive, but
        most of all, just going back & forth and speaking to you both, the sense
        of good wholesome character shines through you both.....truly the salt
        of the earth!!    it's my belief that you touch people in ways beyond
        the sale of your great products!!         

        Good health & best regards,
Ken B.

Dear loaddock,

Mary and Billy; Billy, please let me tell you that is was a pleasure talking to you, and it would be an honor to get to know you further. You are truly a gentelman, You have gone beyond my expectations and you have a very satisfied customer. I will keep your website in my Favorites and I will check it frequently. I am restoring 1923 house here in California, and it's great fun, even in these bad times. As I proceed with my restoration project, I hope to do business with you again.

Thank you!!
Santa Ana, CA

Hi Mary,

Hows the weather treating you all?  I hope it's getting better.
I just wanted to tell you that the bed arrived today.  It is just beautiful and arrived in perfect vintage condition.  We all love it. 
PS.  just a note.  the driver pulled up while I was watering the front garden.  I said to my daughter that must be the bed.  The driver (a young man) got out of his truck and said mam are you expecting a bed?  He seemed very out of breath!   I said yes, he then said that he made his weekly delivery to the local prison just  3 miles out of town and when the prison inmate helpers came to help him unload they got all excited and were practically hyperventilating over the bed that they thought was being delivered to someone on site.  The driver had to tell them that it was going to someone in town and they just quickly sat down on the tail end of the truck all deflated and quiet and they asked him to stay just a little longer so they  could look at it.  
I guess we all love these old beds.

We will enjoy it!.  
Thank you,
Violet Rose Bed and Breakfast
Winslow Arizona

We set the bed up this weekend. What a beauty it is. After two years I still go in the guest room where my Vine and Tassel is and just stare at it. Their beauty is amazing. Thanks again.

I have one question. My husband scratched the headboard taking it upstairs. What paint can I get to touch it up. Also, is there any upkeep I need to do to the brass.

Take care and thanks again for another beautiful job.

Johnstown, PA

Hi Mary and Billy,

My coat rack arrived Friday (that was quick!) and I almost wrote and said the base did not arrive--I am so glad you kept the photo posted, because I could tell how to put it together as soon as I saw the photo (and realized I did, in fact, have all the pieces).  It was actually really easy to do and looks absolutely great!  I was a little scared to order something sight unseen over the internet--but I am so glad I did.

Lawrenceville, NJ

Hi Mary and Billy,
I have got the belted strap bed set up.   it looks great!!!!
Thank you soooo much!!!
I hope you are doing good.
Thanks again.  
I really LOVE the bed!!!!


Hi Mary and Billy,

I just wanted to let you know that the bed arrived safely yesterday.  It is really beautiful and turned out even better than I had hoped.  I put it together right away and it looks lovely in my spare bedroom.  I just want to thank you for being so great to work with and for doing such excellent craftsmanship.  I know I will enjoy the bed for many years to come.  All the best.

Rochester, MN


I was confused. I did order the antique gold, but I was looking at the antique copper hoping it was the same thing. Anyway, it is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t believe I hesitated buying it several times. It is so hard to choose. I wish I had ten bedrooms in my house. I was impressed with the way it was packaged. We plan to move in about four years to retire in NC and this one and the other one I have and the one I plan to buy yet will all be packaged this way. I was curious if you had any history on this bed. Where it came from, etc. I think you had said it was circa 1885. Anyway, I will surely recommend you to anyone who intends to buy one of these beauties and I hope to do business with you again in the near future. Thanks again.

Follow up:
We put the bed up last night. I just wanted to tell you again how much I love it. It is prettier every time you look at it. The gilding does look different inside. I am very pleased with it. The color it was did not do it justice. I almost have to pinch myself to believe that I have this beautiful bed in my house. Take care.

Johnstown, PA



I just wanted to thank you and let you know we got the bed just fine.  It is just perfect for our youngest daughter and she is excited that it's almost ready for her room.  Thanks for your help and if I need any more, I'll be sure to call you!.

Best wishes,



Dear Mary & Billy,

Well, it's finally here.  The bed is gorgeous!  I could tell by the pictures on the website that the bed was lovely, but I was not prepared for the reality of it.  Know what I mean?  It far surpasses my expectations.  To say that I was "stunned" is about as close as I can get.  My son and my neighbor were helping me unpack it and set it up and I have to say we all just stood there and gaped at it. 

As I told you, I wanted to delay shipment because I needed to paint my room.  I chose a pale soft rose pink which compliments the antique white bed wonderfully.  When I get in the bed at night, I feel like a princess, which is not so easy to achieve at 50.

Thank you so much for the wonderful restoration. It is beautifully done.  Is there a particular product you would recommend to clean the brass when needed?

I hope this finds you both well.  Thank you for your concern about the delivery and your call.  It was very considerate of you to follow up with me.  
 Thank you again for everything.

Yorktown Heights, New York


Hello Mary & Billy!

  Just received the bed this past Friday, brought to our new house Saturday-
moving day!- and set it up for our first night in the house. Which also by
the way was our 12th wedding anniversary! We absolutely LOVE this bed!! It
sits so high I have to have a ladder to get in!
  Everyone who ridiculed me for having spent so much on a bed ate crow when
they saw this magnificent set! The delivery went w/o a hitch, and the bed
was packed really well! What a good job you did protecting it! Everything
about this transaction was great, results awesome! You guys did such a great
job, we want to thank-you for making everything work out, and look awesome!
I could go on and on about the "griffen" but I don't want to take too much
of your time. So, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, for such a beautifull piece
of "art", and for going above and beyond (with your surgery Billy) to get us
this great bed. Take care-

Donna & John 
Lakeville, Massachusetts
Ps- uncanny about the timing being perfect!

Hi Mary & Bill

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.  I've been meaning to email
and thank you.  

The bed of course arrived two weeks ago, has been set up and slept in
several times.
The green paint I requested looks great in my bedroom with my jadeite lamps.

I have to tell you that I was really impressed with your shipping
preparations.  While it took me some time to actually get the bed out of the
wooden crate and unwrapped from all the padding, I was pleased by the great
care you took in making sure that the bed arrived in perfect condition.  I
was also happy to have the lumber from the crate, some of which I was able
to recycle, trimmed down and doubled up, as slats to support my mattress on
the frame.  

Anyway, thanks again.  I hope the your surgery went well and you are doing

I've already recommended you to many of my friends here in Portland.

Portland, Oregon

Dear Mary

The bed arrived yesterday and is just what I had hoped for.  You do really nice work.   Your method of converting the bed from double to queen was really ingenious.   That way you can have it which ever way you want it.  

After spending quite a bit of time unwrapping it, I decided I don't want to get a Christmas gift from you.  

Thanks again for a great job.

Houston, Texas


Hi Mary & Billy,

We received the bed - Cupids Harp and have set it up..it really does look amazing..we are extremely happy 
and the job that was done extending the frame was flawless..the crating / shipping was superb..the entire 
process from start to finish was a pleasure. Thanks again for putting the progress photos up on the 
web site - it really has added to our knowledge of what you had to do to the bed and makes us appreciate it 
all the more...I may be calling you again soon about old cribs for our baby!

Blly and mary you are both a credit to your profession - at times in this hectic world it can be difficult to find 
people who give genuine full service and take the time to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Thanks again on a fantastic job and a great purchase that our family can treasure forever.

Wayne, Jules & Emily.

PS I'm off to hop in the bed for another deep sleep!

Hey Mary,

Yeah!!  I received my headboard.  It's lovely!  I love the color.  And it fits my bed frame perfectly.
Thanks to you and your husband.
Take care,


Hello Mary, 

Just wanted to let you know that I received my bed in very good order.  You all packed it exceptionally well.  We set it up as soon as it arrived and it looks quite beautiful with my grandmother's quilt on it. 

Thank you.  It was delightful dealing with you.         

Nancy in Mississippi


Mary and Billy,

Thank you so much for our bed Blossoms and Bows.  I wasn't sure what to 
expect when ordering the bed, since it was a king sized conversion, but 
the results are simply astounding.  The satin black finish is perfect 
and the brass rub on the motifs is absolutely beautiful.  I'm really 
impressed with your commitment to excellence and the beauty and 
excellence of the restoration work; not to mention the fact that you 
guys are so helpful on the phone.  I plan on buying more beds in the 
future.  If someone is on the fence about going forward with a bed, you 
have my assurance that you will not be disappointed.  Thanks again,

Chad, Mary and Mick

Atlanta, Georgia

Hi Mary,
Just thought you'd like to know that the parcel
arrived safely today. I wish everyone was as fast and
efficient as you! I love the items, the colours are
beautiful. I'll keep checking out your website, (my
husband's groaning in the background!!!)
Thanks for your great service.

Victoria, Australia

Hi Mary,

I bought a blanket roll brass bed and the peacocks and pineapples iron bed from you within the last year. I just wanted to email you and let you know how pleased I am with both beds.   Wish I had more bedrooms.

Have a happy holiday season and I hope your family is doing well.


Nashville, Tn

Hi Mary,

I received my bed frame on Friday, December 5. It was
packaged securely, delivered on time and arrived in
great shape! I like the finish; it is exactly as
described. Overall, I was thrilled!
I have a couple of follow up questions for you:
1) Do you recommend a particular polish for the brass
(Brasso, Simichrome or some other?)? The brass has
some fingerprints and dark streaks -- probably from
the moisture in the air reacting with the metal while
the bed was in transit. I just need to touch it up and
wondered what you recommend.
2) Originally, was this bed on casters or wheels? The
feet have holes in the bottom (i.e., the iron tubes
are hollow) and look like they're 'missing' something
to finish them off. I know where I can buy casters for
the bed, but I wondered whether that was authentic to
the type of bed/period (1885).

Thanks for such a pleasant customer experience!
Have a wonderful holiday season!



Vancouver, Washington



Naples, Florida

Hi Mary,
The birdcage stand arrived on schedule yesterday by UPS. Your assembly instructions were very clear - it was simple to put it together, and we think the stand is absolutely great! We would have looked long and hard in stores and antique shops to find anything even close. You also did a great job with the restoration. The brass is shiny-bright, and makes it look like a well-preserved antique. We are forever grateful for the Internet and Google, where we found you.
Many thanks for your help.
Ralph and Regina

Wow...they called about 10 minutes after the email...which I hadnt checked until now..and the bed was here. met them at the gate at 2pm..Everett loaded it on our truck.  We are thrilled with it..It is absolutely gorgeous !!!! Exactly like you said.  The crating was very impressive..needed an electric drill to undo it.  Thanks again !!! I will recommend you to everyone !!!

PS your trucking company was great to deal with also. very professional and communicative..

Immokalee, Florida

I want you to know how thoroughly satisfied I am with the brass bed that I recently purchased from you.  It is in excellent condition, and I was surprised by its weight and sturdiness.  The bed has been polished and fully assembled and looks great.  The old brass has a   beautiful patina and a warm glow.  It is a perfect addition to my collection.   I look forward to other purchases from you.
Freeport, New York

I've received & assembled the bed -- It's gorgeous!  Thanks so much.

Thank you for such a prompt and thorough response!  I have received the appraisal and the copy of my payment.  I appreciated how nice you were when I was shopping -- and I appreciate that you are still so helpful on the back end of the transaction.
Hope all is well --
Thank you 
Memphis, Tennessee

Hi!!!  We received our bed yesterday!!!  we love it!!!  Excellent crate job!!  My friend plans to recycle it and stretch a canvas to paint on around it.  Thank you for your accuracy and special care.  
Have a great day, 

Madison, Wisconsin

Hi Mary and Billy,
"I" just got my daughters bed all set up.  I couldn't believe how easy it was to do and i am not handy at all.  The holes were drilled perfectly and you even included the screws!  It is the most beautiful bed I have ever seen.  My daughter, Chelsea, is thrilled.  Thank you for making this such a pleasant transaction from start to finish.  I was a little worried about paying so much for something that I hadn't seen but I would order from you again without a second thought.  Best wishes and God bless, 

Hi Mary;
I'm so sorry I missed meeting you.  The beds look fantastic!!  You really did a great job.  Thanks so much!
Dennison, Texas

Hi Mary;
I received the lamp today. It arrived in wonderful condition the packing was
so well done, I can understand why you and your husband receive such glowing
compliments on how you ship items.
It has been a pleasure doing business with you from our initial contact
through the final step of unpacking and displaying the oil lamp, which by the
way is a trip back through childhood memories.
Your daughter and granddaughter were very good representatives of your
interests in our contact when they picked up the bed. Everything was done
pleasantly but also professionally.
I only hope that you are even half as satisfied with your purchase of the bed
as I was with the sale of it and the purchase of the lamp.
I would be pleased to recommend you to anyone that might ask where they could
do similar business dealings. Whether the purchase of an item or the sale of
Best wishes to you and yours,
Austin, Texas

Hi Mary and Billy: 
The bed is beautiful!!!  It arrived today and we are already having a family 
event assembling it.  Thank you for the rush job and the lovely results. 
We have one problem.... maybe you can advise us what to do: The box springs 
are 2 to 3 inches longer than the amount allowed on the rails.  This is a 
regular full size mattress, so it should fit.  This means we can't get the 
mattress to stay on the bed -- keeps being too high on one end and then falls 
in on the other.  Any ideas? 
If you get this right away, you can email back, or call us at (901) xxxxxxxxxxx. 
 We were trying to come up with creative ideas like 2" thick slats or 
No matter what, we love the bed! 
Thanks again -- Lucy
Memphis, Tennessee

Hi Lucy,

Remember...... I told you that you would need four 2" x 4" by 53" boards (slats).   These lay inside rails and across the width part of the bed.  This builds a platform for the bedding.  There was no such thing as box springs when your bed was made.....it used the old squeaky coil type springs...which are smaller than the modern box springs.  Any lumber yard can cut these for you.  Your box springs and mattress will sit directly on top of these.  We have thousands out like that and no one has had any problem.  We are so happy you like the bed.  Billy really worked hard on it.  Thank you again, and enjoy the bed.
Mary & Billy


yep -- you told me :) 
only problem is, I forgot!  :( 
I didn't remember the part about 2 x 4's -- just the 53".  That will be an 
easy problem to solve.  Thanks for the prompt reminder (for remedial 
As I said before, we love the bed even when the mattress didn't fit -- think 
how great it will be with a mattress on it.... 
Mary Dabney comes home Saturday, and she will be soooo thrilled.  I will have 
her email you  once the jet lag wears off.  Especially Billy -- so he can 
know how much his hard and fast work is appreciated. 
Thanks again -- we are all so thankful... 
Memphis, Tennessee


Dear Mary. 

My bed arrived yesterday morning and by 4pm I was already climbing up in it and reading magazines.  I am very happy and I especially love the little sign that says Art on the top end of the rails.   I have now inherited a matching single brass bed which I am going to polish up.   I need to tighten up the bolt inside the frame that attaches the rail hanger at the headboard.   Is there a special tool for that, or can a screwdriver be used as a lever?   Also I wonder if you know of a way to use a mattress on the inverted rail without a box spring, because I would like it to be low enough for a child.   does anyone make those wire hammocks any more?  Thanks again.  You guys are tops in my book.   Please feel free to quote me as a reference.

Santa Rosa, California


Dear Mary,

I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with my purchase of your Antique Victorian Urn headboard.

Your website allowed me to view the headboard with enough confidence to purchase
it, sight unseen.  I was a little apprehensive because of the return policy but the headboard is
everything I wanted and more.  It is so beautiful.  It makes the room.  I just keep staring at its beauty.

And to top it off, it was delivered on time (actually early) as you promised and Roadway Express
did call to schedule the delivery.  From start to finish, the whole process was efficient and reliable.
When I installed the plates, I could not believe how easy it was.  I did it myself.   The pre-cut holes
fit perfectly thanks to your precise measuring instructions.  I just am so pleased and impressed
with the service your company has provided.  You have your act together and I will tell all of my
friends and family of the gorgeous headboards you sell and the top-notch service.
Thank you so very much. 

One very satisfied customer

Boca Raton, Florida

Hi Mary, I was sick last week and was not able to let you know how beautiful the
headboard is.  Thank you.  I am very happy with it.

New York, New York

Hi Mary - I have my bed all put together and it's beautiful.
Can you please fax me a receipt for my bed purchase?
It was the Orchid Poster Bed that was extended to a queen.
(xxx) xxx-xxxx  - fax number
Thanks for all of your help and for all of the quick e-mails
and phone calls.  Your customer service is #1!

Battle Creek, Michigan

Dear Mary and Billy,

Our headboard arrived yesterday, but I waited until this morning to unpack it.
Although I had seen the "before" picture on your web page, I really didn't 
know what to expect.  When my wife and I were first married, we bought an old 
double wide rod iron gate to use as a head board.  A friend raised it for us 
and we spray painted it.  Although we cleaned it with a wire brush, it had a 
rough, pitted surface.  It worked fine, but we replaced it about 15 years ago.

While you described your process of restoring iron beds, I wasn't sure what 
to expect.  We are just delighted with the head board and I was surprised at 
the smooth surface.  Your recommendation of use dark green was exactly right. 
It highlights the detail of the design.  

Another aspect that was apparent is Billy's commitment and craftsmanship in 
restoring the headboard and his pride in packing and crating it for shipment. 
When I looked at the crate last night, it gave the impression of being built 
by someone who cared that the contents arrive undamaged.

Thanks again for your help and advise.  If possible, we would like to get a 
picture of the head board before it was restored.  We will be glad to pay for 
having a print made.

Jack & Kathy

Dear Mary and Billy,

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt attention to the delivery glitch I had and to 
let you know thatI received the beds yesterday without any problems.

The beds look terrific! Buying from you has been a wonderful experience from  beginning to end.

I wish more businesses provided the courteous and prompt service that you do!

I have already recommended your site to a friend.

Thanks again and best wishes,



Lightening got our computer so that is why there has been a delay in
our correspondence!  We absolutely LOVE our new-very old bed!  What a
terrific job you did.  Mary-Pate loves her "Grandma bed", as she calls it!
She feels like such a big girl ....she is  only three....but we feel this
was a great investment and something that she will treasure and can pass on
to her children one day!  Thanks again for everything!  We highly recommend
this site to anyone who is looking to buy a good quality bed!  Hope to shop
with you soon!

Holly, Clay and Mary-Pate


Hey you guys --

 Just wanted to let you know that I got the bed on Wednesday, and I
 absolutely LOVE it!  Thanks for being so helpful and quick with all
 replies and inquiries.  I could not be happier.

 Right now, I'm very happy with the tarnished look.  Later I may try to
 clean it up, but for the time being I'm thrilled with it the way it is.
 I'm even inspired to buy new bedding to complete the whole package!

 I've been recommending you to many friends as on on-line source, so
 don't be surprised if you start getting a lot of Hollywood inquiries!

Later -- and thanks again!




Bed is beautiful.  Thank you so much.

Tracey Crockett



My iron bed arrived today in Florida!  It is gorgeous.  I have the
restoration all lined up.  It is more beautiful than the photo depicted. 
Thank you so much.  Wish I had lots of bedrooms for more iron beds, and that
brass one you just put on, wow!  I have slept on one for 25 yrs.
Again, Mary, your efficiency is only surpassed by the expediency of the the

Nicki Rutkowski



I am really impressed with your restorations.  I am looking for a king
size headboard and might be interested in either the "Crown Scallop Top"
or the "Butterfly Scallop Top" pieces that are currently being
displayed.  I am curious to know how often you update your website and
how often your beautiful headboards become available?  I am contacting
you from Seattle WA and just came across your website one day looking
for headboards.  Again, I am thoroughly delighted that I found you and
impressed with your work.  Will you keep me updated on any new arrivals?

Thank you.

Thomas Kraemer


I visited with my son and daughter-in-law ( Amber) yesterday and loved the iron bed they had purchased from you.  Is the Scroll Daisy still  available?  The head board appears whitish in color.  Is it?  I'm interested in a queen size headboard  thought a double would be OK.  Do you have anything available that is not on the web site that has not been restored?

Johanna Felder 


Bed is set up.  We all love it, especially Maya.  It really is beautiful.   I have one question.  The box spring that we have is bringing the mattress up too high.  We are going to cut a board.  You mentioned that your husband had a suggestion on a good way to do this.  Could you let me know?

Thanks again!

Thanks for the instructions.  The bed is so great.  Of course you can quote us.  I want to send you a photo so you can see how beautiful it is in Maya's room.


Just wanted to tell you how wonderful this website is.  It truly puts you in a spirit of buying and is the most enjoyable shopping experience on the internet...and come to think of it...it is more fun than the old fashion way of shopping, you know driving up to the building and walking till your feet hurt.....Who ever is responsible for this should be commended ... it is great...

I spend quite some time going from one to the other and just enjoying the experience.  I think I have visited all of them by now, but there still much to see.  Your sites will become my "get away sites" when I just need time to enjoy life.

I am also going to forward them on to my "angel" list of friends, I know they too will enjoy visiting and looking...and while I found this through an auction site, I like to know there places where I can buy without the nail biting bidding process....

Vicki Stubblefield

Thanks Mary, It's been a pleasure doing business with you. After searching
web sites and local stores for two years, I found what I had almost given
up on. I'll definitely tell everyone about your web site. You have great
iron beds.

Thanks again for your help.

Michael B Jenkins
Atlanta GA

Just thought you would like to know how much I love the bed I bought from you 
last spring.  I keep checking on your site to drool over the beautiful beds 
you have.  Everyone who has seen my bed asks where I got it.  They are 
Thanks again, for having your site and doing what you do. 
Nicki Rutkowski
Palmetto, Florida